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In the Ports of Ilfirin

In the port of Ilfirin there’s a sailor who sings
Of the dreams that he brings from the wide open sea
In the port of Ilfirin there’s a sailor who sleeps
While the river bank weeps to the old willow tree
In the port of Ilfirin there’s a sailor who dies
Full of beer, full of pride in a drunken town fight
And in the port of Ilfirin there’s a sailor who’s born
On a hot muggy morn by the dawn’s early light
In the port of Ilfirin where the sailors all meet
There’s a sailor who eats only fish heads and tails
And he’ll show you his teeth that have rotted too soon
That can haul up the sails that can swallow the moon
And he yells to the cook with his arms open wide
“Bring me more fish, put it down by my side”
And he wants so to belch but he’s too full to try
So he stands up and laughs and he zips up his fly
In the port of Ilfirin you can see sailors dance
Paunches bursting their pants grinding women to paunch
They’ve forgotten the tune that their whiskey voice croaked
and they’re splitting the night with the roar of their jokes
And they turn and they dance and they laugh and they lust
To the rancid sounds from the accordion bursts
And then it’s out into the night with their pride in their pants
with a slut that they tow underneath the street lamps
In the port of Ilfirin there’s a sailor who drinks
And he drinks and he drinks and he drinks once again
He’ll drink to the health of the whores of Ilfirin
Who’ve promised their love to a thousand other men
And they’ve bargained their bodies, and their virtue’s long gone
For a few dirty coins, and when he can’t go on
he plants his nose in the sky and he laughs at it up above
And he spits like I cry on the unfaithful love
In the port of Ilfirin
In the port of Ilfirin

As the young Sailor lowers his instrument in the Tempest Tavern a collection of patrons, and several of the serving girls pause to applaud. The day has worn well into evening as Drix, Aria, Serenla and Raille have now moved to sit at a small table near the back of the common room.

The bartender, still practically giddy with the amount of wealth he’s getting out of Aria, stops by again for the 3rd time this hour, topping off ale and making sure his best patrons of the evening are settled in. Another round is called, and a new minstrel steps up on the platform at the far end of the room that this barkeep calls a stage.

In the distance is a sound like distant thunder echos through the night as the barman walks away. . . .

A change in the Wind

This year marks the 75th since the execution of Tarntes, The Red King of all the Seas. At that time the whole of the world, the Grand Alliance and the Ilfirin Benerel were united under the banner of the Red King. Everything was thrown into chaos during Tarntes 17th year of reign. A malady struck the royal household and brought with it the death of the Queen and their children. The Red King earned his moniker the day his youngest child died. He raised his banners and sent ships to every corner of the world. Rumors flew from his court and beyond that someone had cursed the family, be it a rival noble or a random sea witch, no one knew. All anyone knew was that the King had gone mad with grief and ordered that every major house be subject to a fierce attack.

Islands were destroyed, and the seas around the world trembled with the Red King’s Rage.

After months of ceaseless violence against the four corners of the world, an envoy of powerful Mages reached the Royal Palace on its grand island in the midst of the seas. They calmed the King and agreed to assist him in finding the perpetrators of this curse. Before a single day had passed that they began their search, an Army lead by the heads of house of the six great houses, now known as the great Alliance arrived. And for the atrocities that the King had wreaked upon the world, they took him prisoner and had him Executed. On the scaffold erected for his execution, the Red King stated that no peace shall exist in this world until those responsible for the deaths of his wife and children were found and brought to his palace to face justice. As he spoke a great storm enveloped his palace, and tore the island from the very sea in which it sat.

The Mages who agreed to assist him, and the Palace have not been seen since.

Soon after the execution, the Benerel attacked the alliance, claiming that they sought power and inflicted the malady on the King’s family, and it was they who brought his curse upon the world. The Alliance meanwhile defended itself and claimed the position of of the oppressed peoples under a mad King. This war has been waging since.

In the Chaos of the war, The sea has become a lawless place home to pirates, out laws and outrageous creatures. . . This is the world that you are now entering.


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