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A change in the Wind

This year marks the 75th since the execution of Tarntes, The Red King of all the Seas. At that time the whole of the world, the Grand Alliance and the Ilfirin Benerel were united under the banner of the Red King. Everything was thrown into chaos during Tarntes 17th year of reign. A malady struck the royal household and brought with it the death of the Queen and their children. The Red King earned his moniker the day his youngest child died. He raised his banners and sent ships to every corner of the world. Rumors flew from his court and beyond that someone had cursed the family, be it a rival noble or a random sea witch, no one knew. All anyone knew was that the King had gone mad with grief and ordered that every major house be subject to a fierce attack.

Islands were destroyed, and the seas around the world trembled with the Red King’s Rage.

After months of ceaseless violence against the four corners of the world, an envoy of powerful Mages reached the Royal Palace on its grand island in the midst of the seas. They calmed the King and agreed to assist him in finding the perpetrators of this curse. Before a single day had passed that they began their search, an Army lead by the heads of house of the six great houses, now known as the great Alliance arrived. And for the atrocities that the King had wreaked upon the world, they took him prisoner and had him Executed. On the scaffold erected for his execution, the Red King stated that no peace shall exist in this world until those responsible for the deaths of his wife and children were found and brought to his palace to face justice. As he spoke a great storm enveloped his palace, and tore the island from the very sea in which it sat.

The Mages who agreed to assist him, and the Palace have not been seen since.

Soon after the execution, the Benerel attacked the alliance, claiming that they sought power and inflicted the malady on the King’s family, and it was they who brought his curse upon the world. The Alliance meanwhile defended itself and claimed the position of of the oppressed peoples under a mad King. This war has been waging since.

In the Chaos of the war, The sea has become a lawless place home to pirates, out laws and outrageous creatures. . . This is the world that you are now entering.


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